Healthcare Call Center Software Comparison
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Here is the state of things in the healthcare call center world. A lot of call centers are still using the software, which is sun-setting in 2018. Some have been using another software for many years, but it is no longer meeting their needs due to lack of support and innovation in the software. Some are just looking for a brand-new call center software to start providing an unforgettable call experience to their consumers. As we discussed in our previous webinar on The Top 10 Features to Look for in Your Healthcare Call Center Software, Consumerization of Healthcare has arrived. Healthcare call centers must become virtual care delivery systems to meet their consumers’ demands. This webinar will compare leading healthcare call center software based on the top 10 features you need to become a virtual care delivery system. Please join us to learn the important information you need in your software selection process.


Webinar: Healthcare Call Center Software Comparison
April 27, 2017 at 12:00PM ET

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